Contact for additional recharge services:
Veterinary Pathologist at 858-534-8860 or
Diagnostic Services Laboratory at 858-534-4264,

Contact the Transgenic Core Laboratory for developing mutants

For samples for Electron Microscopy (information from March 2011).

Transmission Electron Microscopy
Timo Meerloo who runs the EM lab email:

At the Scripps EM core facility, the contact person is Dr. Malcolm Wood (

For Histology processing and sectioning and special stains-- contact:
UCSD Moores Cancer Center Histology core lab
UCSD Moores Histology phone: 858-822-1011
The requisition form is on the website
Kim McIntyre is the Moores Histology lab manager

Digital Photo requirements : get the slides scanned
either in the UCSD Moores Histology Core
or in the microscopy core at CMME basement

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