The UCSD ACP laboratory is located in the basement of the Basic Science Building, room 200.

UCSD Animal Care Program, Diagnostic Laboratory Services

For information regarding the listed recharge services contact:

Veterinary Pathologist at 858-534-8860 or

Diagnostic Services Laboratory at 858-534-7173,

The UCSD Animal Care Program Diagnostic Services Laboratory provides a broad spectrum of clinical pathology and morphologic pathology services for research support (e.g., safety/toxicology testing, individual animal model-related tests,p henotype analysis), as well as colony and individual animal health diagnostics and care.

Prices for these services are determined on a cost recovery basis. The diagnostic laboratory is overseen by a veterinary pathologist, and staffed by experienced laboratory technicians. The large range of procedures and tests conducted in-house by the laboratory is complemented and expanded by use of established outside reference laboratories when necessary, as coordinated by the laboratory.

Available Services

     Diagnostic Pathology                                 

  1. Necropsy (Gross Pathology)
  2. Histopathology
  3. Biopsy (histology exam of select individual tissues)
  4. Necropsy specimen photography
  5. Photomicrography
  6. Training
  7. Organ weights
  8. Whole body or organ perfusion with fixative
  9. Tissue snap-freezing

     Clinical Pathology

  1. Hematology
  2. Serum biochemistry
  3. Microbiology
  4. Parasitology
  5. Molecular biology
  6. Serology (RADIL)
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