1. Mouse Phenotyping Histology:

    Mouse Phenotyping Histology Request Form

  2. Mouse serum Chemistry:

    The UCSD ACP laboratory is located in the basement of the Basic Science Building, room 200.

  3. Transgenic Core:

  4. Transmission Electron Microscopy:
    • UCSD Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Guillaume (pronounced: gi-yom) Castillon, PhD.
      Electron Microscopy Core Facility Director
      Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD
      Telephone: 858-534-5324

  5. Digital Photo to digitally scan stained slides:

Other Histology resources:

  1. Moores Cancer Center Tissue Technology Shared Resource
    • Contact: Kim McIntyre HT
      Phone: 858-822-1011 Email:
      Location: Moores Cancer Center
      3855 Health Sciences Drive, Room 5345-Bay 5MM (fifth-floor lab)
      Mail Code: MC 0815

  2. School of Medicine Department of Pathology CALM building
  3. La Jolla Instittute of Allergy and Immunology
  4. Sanford Burnham Biomedical Research on Torrey Pines

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